About Us

With years of experience in a dynamic, demanding market, our dedicated team members want to assist our clients by easing the load off their shoulders. We are all committed to providing the necessary guidance and expertise - meet our team of professionals.

Our claim professionals understand the technical aspects of claims adjudication, loss cost containment, customer service and the importance of timeliness and good communication with our clients and their customers.

  • We provide unique and superior claim management services for insurance companies, self-insured corporations and reinsurance businesses.

  • Through the utilization of proprietary technology, we can quickly match our adjusters’ skill sets and availability to client claim needs.

  • 24/7/365, anywhere in North America, we can deploy services to help our clients

  • In addition to our fully-credentialed adjusters, appraisers and inspectors, we have a full complement of consulting services, administrative and claims management ready to assist.

Our Mission 
Our Vision 

To distinguish ourselves in the industry, we have adopted unique principles that have allowed us to quickly grow to meet an increasing market need.

  • Customer focused to all claims we service. Our expectation is to exceed client expectations.

  • Extensive Education to our team to ensure we are ready to respond.